Seminars in English World Pride House in Malmö
(Seminars in Swedish - check under Swedish flag)

08:30 - 09:30 Breaking the cultural stereotypes of LGBTQ+ asylum seekers experiences. Room L7
"How much are we aware of the westernized presumption and stereotypes about LGBTQ+
asylum seekers? How often do we hear the concept of “LGBTQ” from the global south? How much are we lacking in hearing cultural differences between western LGBTQ+ concept and the rest of the world? Such questions are dominant with the LGBTQ+ asylum seekers community in Sweden and all over the world.
This panel debate will aim to provide different perspectives on understanding the cultural context of the “LGBTQ concept” between western countries and the rest of the world with special emphasis on lived storytelling.
In English

10:00 - 12:00 The asylum process for LGBTIQ+ people and RFSL's research about the credibility assessments in SOGIESC asylum cases. Room L7 and Digital
RFSL's asylum lawyer describes the asylum process for LGBTIQ+ asylum seekers, and RFSL's recently published research about the problematic credibility assessments in SOGIESC asylum cases in Sweden, leading to wrongful deportations of LGBTIQ+ asylum seekers entitled to protection.
In English and Swedish

13:30 - 14:30 Rainbow Refugee Community - What it means to be a minority within a minority. L7
"Refugees are frequently incorrectly referred to as being a homogenous group with the same characteristics, challenges, or needs. In the context of LGBTQ+ refugee, it is highly inaccurate and might contribute to the perceived sameness and invisibility of queer refugees for the wider public.
We invite a set of panelists, who received their refugee status in one of the European countries and will listen to their stories of being a member of a minority within a minority, what it means to them, what their challenges are, and how the locals can be better allies for LGBTQ+ refugees in their communities.
In English

14:00 - 15:00 LGBTQ refugees and Immigration, Anti-racism, and Solidarity. Room L2
This event is aimed at sharing my own experience of being an LGBTQ refugee and the risks, challenges and opportunities we face when working with Swedish groups on solidarity, immigration laws and anti-racism issues. We want to share lessons learned and suggest what can be done better. The workshop will include some fun parts, like short monologues, and an interactive part, which is aimed at us working together on finding solutions for the current challenges based on the experience of building community and solidarity movements in oppressive environments, such as the Caucasus and Central Asia.
In English

16:30 - 17:30 Migration politics for queer asylum seekers. Room L4 & L5
The asylum authorities in Sweden systematically make credibility assessments in an incorrect way in order to reject and deport queer asylum seekers. This seminar will look into this further and discuss how we can develop a more legally secure asylum examination of LGBTQI asylum cases.
In English