Seminars in English World Pride House in Malmö
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08:30 - 09:30 LGBTQI+ rights under attack. The anti-gender movements in Europe. L7
In Europe, conservative and far right movements have been challenging LBGTQI+ rights in the last decade under the umbrella of the anti-gender movement. Across many European countries, activists from the anti-gender movement attempt to hinder, or roll back progressive legislations on topics such as womens' rights, transpeoples' rights and inclusive family policies. What are the goals and strategies of this movement and how can we counter them?
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09:30 - 10:30 Many faces of the opposition and global resilience of LGBTQI movements. Room L2
The session will take 60 minutes (if it's possible to have 75 minutes, even better) and bring together representatives of RFSL partner organizations in different countries (including Eastern Europe). The aim of the event is to bring together experiences of LGBTQI activists from different parts of the world in relation to the opposition they face (on national and international level), how it differs from context to context and what trends are common. The event will also have a proactive outlook discussing how activists navigate these challenges, what are their resistance strategies and what joint efforts are required in global advocacy fora. We also want to show that the opposition is not something that only occurs in the Global South and East and Sweden (as other states in Global North) faces its own challenges (including with trans exclusionary movements).
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14:00 - 16:00 How we can all benefit from inclusivity? Room L7
An interactive workshop dedicated to understanding how we can all benefit from trans-inclusivity. Due to the current waves of anti-trans rethoric, it's an especially pressing issue in female-coded spaces. We'll be discussing the complexities of gender, privilege, and patriarchy. Invited guests will discuss how we can be more aware in our activism and beyond. The workshop will provide lots of thinking points coming from different perspectives as well as ideas and pointers on how to make your surroundings more trans-friendly.
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15:00 - 16:00 Body Rights 2030. Room L3
Abortion rights, sexuality education and sexual rights are crucial for reaching a global sustainable development. This lecture by the RFSU project Body Rights 2030 provides an introduction to how these topics are linked to and affect the United Nation's 17 sustainable development goals, and how you can contribute to reaching the goals by the year 2030.
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16:15 - 17:15 Living and Perceiving HIV in the Biomedical Era. Room L2
During his presentation Udi Davidovich a clinical psychologist and a Dr. of Social Psychology will present a series of studies conducted in the Netherlands regarding the exploration of the experiences of living with HIV in the era of biomedical treatment among those diagnosed relatively recently. The studies will illustrate the actual day-to-day meaning of living with HIV and compare the burden-evaluation of these experiences between MSM living with HIV and the HIV-negative MSM. For the latter, these are perceptions of burden and those perceptions feed attitudes and possible stigma. An additional study explores the perception of severity of HIV infection among HIV-negative individuals and how such perception can relate to sexual risk taking. In conclusion, Udi will present data on the profiles of those who never test for HIV and how hypothetical perceptions regarding the impact of HIV shape the profile of never-testers.
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20:00 - 21:00 Rock Stage Rainbow Talk Show
The Swedish rock scene is both well known and loved all over the world. In fact, regardless of our low population, Sweden is currently the third largest exporter of music in the world, just behind the US and the UK. But with great power comes great responsibility, so what norms and what ideals do we spread? What kind of message and jargons do we spread, and is it okay to be an LGBTQIA person in one of the world's most influential rock scenes? Welcome to a talk show with artists and other guests, with live music and important discussions about inclusion and equality within the rock/music scene today.
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