Seminars in English World Pride House in Malmö
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09:30 - 10:30 Birds and bees – is nature really as rigid as you learned i school?
"Join biologist Rebecka Eriksson, when she takes you through biology 101 to help you see flawed arguments and biases and shares her understanding of humans from a biological point of view. Leave with tools to disarm pseudo-scientific attacks on LGBTIA*-identities, both internal and external.

Rebecka was one of the founders of Malmö Pride, Pride House manager for three years and is today the coordinator of events at the Libraries of Malmö. She holds a MSc-degree in biology.
In English

10:00 - 11:00 Polish government's war against sexuality education and LGBTQI-persons. Room L7
"The attack from the Polish government on sexuality education in schools and LGBTQ+ persons are linked to each other. What do the government fear? What do they do to limit information and LGBTQ+persons space? In what way is the LGBTQ-community and people fighting back?
Milosz Hodun, President of Projekt: Polska Foundation in Warsaw, a foundation focused on exposing populism and combating hate speech, will give an overview of the situation in Poland. In spite of a hostile government Projekt Polska has ran project about LGBTQ rights and equipped teachers and youth workers in skills and knowledge about evidence-based sexuality education.
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13:00 - 14:00 Opera is coming Out!
The LGBTQI+ family is an important part of the staff, artists, audience, and partners of all great opera houses around the world. To celebrate Pride is a natural part of who we are. But what do we aim to achieve by committing? How do we work with inclusion and diversity? Malmö Opera and The Royal Danish Opera of Copenhagen meet on stage and are joined online by The Met in New York, that participated in the World Pride of 2019 and Sydney Opera House in Sydney where events will take place in 2023. The host is the Swedish opera singer Rickard Söderberg.
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13:30 - 14:30 Courageous Relating. Room L3
In this lecture you will learn about monogamy/polyamory/relationship norms from an existential standpoint. As an Existential Coach, I support people in exploring how they relate to themselves and others, as well as to life (and death!) itself.
I am a boardmember of RFSU Stockholm, a part of the team behind The Free Relationship Group, and a poly-political activist. My mission is the modernization of family law, securing the right to form a chosen family constellation without being excluded from the social security system, in case it transcends the norm of two. The law should support, not supress us in creating equal and consenting relationships.
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14:00 - 16:00 #AreWeIncluded? Room L7
Sex workers have always been part of the LGBTQI+ movement and LGBTQI+ people are over-represented in the sex worker population. Despite this, sex workers are often excluded from the LGBTQI+ community and the fight for human rights. How do the multiple stigmas of being a sex worker and migrant and/or LGBTQI+ affect sex workers’ access to services, health and justice?
A panel of sex workers discuss the current situation in Sweden with a focus on LGBTQI+ and migrant sex workers, and the effects of the Swedish model together with sociologist researcher Niina Vuolajärvi and ICRSE’s program officer Sabrina Sanchez. Organised by Red Umbrella Sweden; a Swedish organisation, advocating for the rights, safety, justice and self determination of sex workers.
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16:00 - 17:15 Dark Ecriture - The act of “childing” as queer creation of families. Room L2
Through poetry and academese, Andy ""AndySlander"" Zetreus delivers an argument for the rights of children in general, and queer children in particular, to free themselves from destructive parenting. From posthuman to postcolonial theory; from manga to science fiction; from classic literature to documentary films; from personal narrative to revolutionary manifesto; from sexual abuse to liberation; this radical treatise on the creation of the concept ""childing"" is a queer challenge to the domineering trope of adults’ right to parent, even queer adults.
This is the first public presentation of Andy’s Master’s thesis called “ (dark ecriture!)
(pain! terror! suffering! death!)
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