Seminars in English World Pride House in Malmö
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09:00 - 11:30 Skåne Startups Women in Entrepreneurship. Living Room
Women in Entrepreneurship (WiE) is Skåne-based women entrepreneurs’ community. The initiative aims to advance diversity and inclusion in the broader ecosystem in Skåne, as well as in Sweden.
In English

10:00 - 11:00 What does today's trans youth want? Room L7
The last couple of years a debate regarding trans peoples rights has spread as wild fire through several countries. The main focus is on trans youth and the right to access gender affirming health care. RFSL Ungdom puts the needs and experiences of trans youth in focus.
In English

11:30 - 12:30 Impact Investing - Bringing LGBT+ Inclusion to the Stock Market. Room L3
"Investors are gradually becoming aware of an emerging class of investment opportunities: LGBT-friendly investments. The equity performance of companies with LGBT-friendly policies can be successfully tracked via index or index-related products and show a demonstrably higher return on investment compared to the average index. In addition, participation in LGBT-friendly funds can be leveraged as positive branding in your marketing of other goods and services, provide access to LGBT-markets and contribute to creating a more inclusive corporate climate. LGBT-Friendly investment funds can also have a role in improving overall attitudes toward LGBT people in society and support the development of the next generation of entrepreneurs.
OutPerform addresses the global trend of increased acceptance and proliferation of LGBT-friendly policies in corporations across all sectors and presents a way that leverages Nasdaq to serve current and new market participants by introducing a product that will grant direct exposure to the LGBT market segment.
In English

14:00 - 14:30 What do employers and employees do to increase knowledge and strengthen commitment to ensuring inclusive workplaces? Room L7 and Digital
"We have a bad environment at our workplace with harsh language – how can we change it? How can we promote rights issues in the workday? How are we to achieve a working life where acceptance, inclusion and openness not only characterise the work environment but also constitute hygiene factors for all workplaces?
Peo Grimheden, Branch Negotiation Officer Unionen
Magnus Höij director of the Federation of Swedish Innovation Companies
Aleksa Lundberg as facilitator
Swedish with English subtitles

14:45 - 15:30 Discrimination and victimisation of LGBT+ persons in the workplace. What are your rights? Room L7 and Digital
"What is discriminatory behaviour and what safety net exists? How are LGBT+ persons discriminated against in the workplace and what can I do if this happens to me? How many times do I have to stand down from being appointed to a certain position on the basis that I do not conform to norms in the workplace? Is it enough that I feel excluded in different contexts or how serious must the exclusion be before I can raise the issue? Could a power imbalance be a contributing factor to the emergence of discrimination and how do we view it from an intersectional perspective?
Participant: Bahhar Mohammadi and Amira Alajbegovic, regional negotiators at Unionen.
In Swedish with English subtitles

16:00 - 17:00 Sexual harassment of LGBT+ persons in the workplace. What are your rights? Room L7 and Digital
Is it acceptable to leave a room with a bad feeling? An unwelcome gesture from a customer, colleague or manager? A sexist comment that you are only lesbian because you haven’t found the “right” man yet? Should I not take part in the friendly padel match at work in order to avoid uncomfortable situations in the locker room? Are the experiences of LGBT+ persons different from those who express heteronormativity? To whom do I turn? But, above all, where do I draw the line and how passive should I be when I see someone being harassed? We employ an intersectional perspective on harassment in order to determine the governing structures and how the power imbalance influences our views on sexual harassment.
Participant: Lina Andersson, Policy officer of Gender and Diversity at Unionen.
In Swedish with English subtitles

16:30 - 17:30 The Value of Corporate Inclusion - and how does Scandinavia stand in comparison. Room L4 & L5
There are many ways to show the economic benefits of LGBT inclusion in large corporations. Too often the issue tends to stay in the HR department, but given the various aspects of LGBT+ economics, inclusion can add value in many areas, such as sales, talent, innovation and supply chain development. Does your corporation have LGBT+ inclusion as strategic part of your business plan? And how does Scandinavian corporations actually compare with their US and British competitors?
In English

17:15 - 18:00 What does the labor market look like? Room L7 and Digital
What does inclusion in the labor market look like today? Is there discrimination against LGBTQI people? We get an overview of the research that exists on LGBTQI people in the labor market. Is the labor market really open to everyone?
Participant: Mats Hammarstedt professor of economics and Aleksa Lundberg as facilitator.
In Swedish with English subtitles