Seminars in English World Pride House in Malmö
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Working together with colleagues in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania, etc.
In English

10:30 -12:30 BDSM 101 workshop. Room L7
Are you into, interested or curious about kink and BDSM? Do you flag black, grey and the shadier shades? This lecture/workshop is for all of you lovely baby kinksters and newbie perverts. We will learn about different kinks, what it means to have them and what's important when starting your journey with kink play. You will have a chance to reflect on your own identity, sexuality and preferences. This event is centered on LGBTQIA+ kinky identities.
In English

14:00 - 16:00 Non-binary Bondage. Room L7
This is a workshop on ties and mindsets of tying where the goal is to break the gendered norms of bondage. We will work with the topics of femininity, masculinity and gender euphoria. We will research how different poses make us feel and how to deal with our body in a way that supports our gender identity. This is a partnered workshop but you can attend alone to draw inspiration and try out some of the things on your own body. You will need at least one rope, pen and paper.
In English

14:00 - 19:30 Finding Tom, L4 & L5
"We invite you to a journey from darkness to light, to be the main character in a story about homosexual men in Helsinki. Come and find one of “Tom’s men” from yourself: unashamed, proud, sexy and masculine, and experience a slice of Finnish homosexual history through a touching story.
Finding Tom is an immersive, participatory artwork that combines live action role playing, theatre and other art forms. It tells the story of homosexual men who lived in Helsinki from the 40’s to the 70’s and of the influence of Tom of Finland’s art had on them."
In English