For horny time-travellers. Men have been meeting men for sex in public for centuries: soldier prostitution, cruising using hidden codes and signals and secret societies. We take a walk through well-known and notorious meeting places in central Stockholm. Ribald anecdotes from newspaper articles, oral history and memoirs and we even get to see artistic depictions of cruising from over a century ago. Discover the museum archivist who kept a meticulous diary about sex and graffiti in urinals.
Most of this tour is about soldier prostitution which was a widespread phenomenon for over 100 years in Stockholm and only two other cities in the world. How did it work? What did the military command think of this? What was the experience of the soldiers and the johns? What became of these men?

English/Swedish depending on group
Max 20. Social distancing. Tour guide headsets.
1.5 h, Meet at Mälartorget outside subway exit
Groups of 4 or more can email for tours at other times. Email us!