First things first, Pride is NOT canceled. Just random companies making profits of us (sooorry, there's always next year babes). We're still very here and going. The struggle is as real as it’s always been for some of us and the need for community too.

With that said, let's celebrate how far we've come with a night of love and dance. İBNE Collective together with URANUS is inviting you outdoors with us Saturday night of Pride weekend. To where? Well, our own private island of course!

The island in question is the perfect spot for celebrating Pride and togetherness. With plenty of space, we will transform it to a paradise, ideal for coming together and having fun, while still being able to keep a distance. Together in our separateness. Reachable by boat that takes 30 minutes in Stockholm.

2 dancefloors (techno / house)
Art and decoration
Chill out areas
Refreshment bars
Camping / sauna
The island is yours to self-explore!

DON'T FORGET mandatory registration link and ticket (which you have to have ready upon boarding the boat taking you out to the island). Tickets are released soon (along with some discounted earlybird tixx!) so keep an eye out.

Mandatory registration here
Boats will shuffle you out to the island from 20:00 on Saturday and back again from the location on Sunday morning. (More info about the boats to and from the location will be posted in the event).
If miss rain would enter the chat we have a backup. If the backup would fuckup we have another backup, etc. You get the deal.
As always we don't care about your gender or sexuality, or who you trynna get with. Just come and sweat with us. No shitty -isms tolerated. If you act up in the wrong ways we reserve our right to kick your ass right off the island.

- TBA -
/Crews of URANUS & İBNE