Are you ready for a Square Dance?
During difficult times we look to new solutions to create a safe space to meet, laugh and dance.
Friday July 17th we open the doors at Nalen for something very different.
(Tickets only sold for parties of 2, 3, 4 or 5 people)
A Square Dance is just that, a dance in your own safe square, with your friends.
The Square Dance will be running from 7 pm-10 pm. Doors open 6:30 pm and close at 7 pm (don't be late)
At this experiment DJ Bernhard will spin his best house, handbag house, disco, dance!
We will mark up 15 squares for parties of 2, 3, 4 or 5 friends and a connecting table for consumption of food or drinks (or just a rest).
What we ask from you is to help us keep the dance safe and enjoyable for all, by following the recommendations / government guidelines and laws in regards to Covid-19.
We truly understand that this sounds difficult, but together we can make this happen in a safe and responsible way.
By buying tickets you agree to the terms for the eventing:
* By not following the rules you can be asked to leave.
* Only pre sale of tickets, no add-ons.
* Doors open 30 minutes prior the event. Entry will not be possible once the event has started.
* No refund with a no-show or a late turn up.
* No refund if you break the rules and are asked to leave.
* Each party of guests will be escorted to their assigned table.
* Guests can only walk in and out when arriving and leaving, to go out for a smoke, to the toilet or to assigned Square.
* There is only allowed to consume beverages or food WHILE SEATED, and ONLY WHEN SEATED! (Not standing by the table, not walking to or from table, nor while dancing!)
* Dancing will only be allowed inside assigned Square.
PS: We appreciate all feedback before and after the event, good or bad! We are trying to make lemonade here, but might need help with the recipe ❤ ️
As we are trying to create something fun together with you, we are also making sure to follow the ministry of health recommendations, restrictions and guidelines to make sure and prioritize all guests health and safety.
Please help us in being a part of the solution, and not a part of the problem. Visa mindre