SomoS is thrilled to host artists Zander Porter & Juan Pablo Cámara for a one-night-only performance entitled the Zero on Friday, 24 January as part of 2020 Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM, the preliminary program leading up to transmediale - festival for art and digital culture berlin.

After teaming up with Zander and Juan Pablo for last year's Vorspiel went so successfully, we're excited to collaborate again, and this time both artists work together to present the Zero.

The Zero unites the physical realm with the digital where the presence of technology interferes with rehearsed and improvised human interactions between the two male-embodied performers.

The artists describe their performance as a "hypocenter: a ground zero war-zone staging a never-before-seen battle. The rules of combat are described by a computationally-encoded 'TreeMap.' The TreeMap is a node-matrix of relationally where nodes are defined by states of embodiment in which both performers enter with telepathic, ultra-connected immediacy. Rehearsed through eye-to-eye contact (and sometimes 'hand-to-hand combat'), the Zero's matrix permits accelerated transitions, unforeseen evolutions, and the erosion of identification."

The Zero represents Juan and Zander's memory algorithm. An emptied nest, it is a choreography welcoming a hoard of new figures, fictions, species, and meshes always sitting at the edges of representation.

We are looking forward to seeing you at this much anticipated performance.
January 24, 2020
19:00, at SomoS

About the Artists:

Zander Porter is an artist, performer, and curator from Los Angeles, based in Berlin. Zander's work focuses on the space between liveness and onlineness, proposing new forms of social relation with internet culture and technology at the forefront.

Juan Pablo Cámara is an Argentinian artist, dancer, and performer, based in Berlin. His work creates narratives and identities that problematize the ways in which language determines experience and perceptions of reality.