Welcome to the next vernissage at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm -"Drömsyskon" by Rasmus Eo Clarke and Jon Ely Xiuming! Meet the artists and start the new year in the best way, in queer company! 10/1 at 18-21 hs at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm!
I will whisper to you before you fall asleep:
do not be afraid
if you need to fall apart a little
I'm here and
when the morning comes we will feel the sun behind our eyelids
we breathe every other breath and
hold tight to the warmth we have created
they will not get our hearts so easily
do you feel the fire under our skin
we will never forget what love is
we are the ones who create it

I want to be able to translate the whole world for us
give all languages ​​a new heart
write all poems as necessary punches in the chest
you me and our army of dream siblings
Drömsyskon is a Swedish/English zine and collaborative project between Rasmus Eo Clarke, Jon Ely Xiuming and the Swedish trans community. The queer- and trans community has this really beautiful way of being each others support. And maybe not everyone has access to this. So we wanted to create drömsyskon as a community space to uplift each other. To share our stories. To create family. To direct our narrative! Stories about trans people by trans people.
Illustration @lostlillalis