Get the warm breeze of jahanam we are going fast and hard no 120 bpm bullshit the whole night we are doing it sheytan style ;)


HABIB1 - 2 bad girls playing what ever the fuck they want preferably 140bpm up

Ramadonna (SA77A) - giving you everything from ghetto tech to jungle/d&b to garage with a twist because she aint a boring hoe

Prescott (DJANGAL) - Some would say a house legend i would say a legend who can mix everything from house to footwork

Dr. Echoe (DJANGAL) - A happy bundle of joy behind the decks with good psytrance moves

DJ Science Tool (фомо, CITIREJV) - Adapting every style you can think of with a hint of relevanse

DESTINATION UNKNOWN - Avicii would turn in his grave if he could dance to this duo

Adress: Fabriksvägen 4, Solna