Welcome to the next exhibition at StaDemonia: ENBYX - TOTAL WASTE by Yaron Maïm! Enjoy the art and meet the artist! 27/9 at 18-21 at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm.

ENBYX - TOTAL WASTE (Berlin, 2019) is an augmented reality artist book by Yaron Maïm that presents DIY fashion items and a poetic text about sewing as a practice of resistance. The self-published work is enhanced by 7 short videos that the user can view with a smartphone. TOTAL WASTE playfully addresses the paradox of being a queer artist in a capitalist society. It asks if art can exist autonomously from the market by not reproducing or being enmeshed in the very structures it critiques. In the exhibition in StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm, NOTHING TO SEE, a printed poster about on-/offline self-defence tactics, will accompany the AR publication. The front image is an appropriation of a page from QVINNA, a 1965 Swedish erotic magazine, found at a flea market in Stockholm in 2018.

Yaron Maïm is an artist interested in transformation processes. Their practice develops new perspectives on the body with a strong sense of image-making and personal narrative. As a Berlin-based visual artist, they creates works that go beyond the binary of things (analog/digital, male/female, process/result). More info about the artist: