An internationally celebrated workshop with South African choreographer Kwanele Finch Thusi.

The Workshop is a combination of both movement and text. It involves an in depth focus into the memories that scar our bodies. It is an investigation into how these memories shape and reshape our internal and external existence. The workshop will accommodate all age groups as well as all levels of training. Here we create language through the narratives that we have developed from our childhood years until now. It is a celebration of who we are, it is an invitation to honor our bodies so that we can manifest positive affirmations that shape our future and the future of this world.

The choreographer helps guide the participants in developing movement language by doing different exercises and techniques. Participants need to come in comfortable clothing and an open mind. They will learn and unlearn so that we can access the journeys that are written on our bodies.

You need to sign up in advance to participate, e-mail [email protected]

The workshop will be held in english, no previous experience required