Are you interested in tattooing and art? Drag king and queer culture? We have invited Cynthia Sobraty -tattoo artist, drag/performance artist, member of the band Not Quite White- from Melbourne, to talk about their art and how to create safer and more pleasurable spaces. The conversation is moderated by Rudy Loewe and held in open format so bring all your thoughts and questions! The conversation will be held in English (we will help each other with traduction if needed) 30/7 at 16 hs. We will bring fika, so be punctual! At RFSL Stockholm, Alsnögatan 7, floor 3 (thank you for hosting us!)
Read our interview with Cynthia Sobraty at
Cynthia will be guest tattooing at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm 31/7-2/8, for info and bookings [email protected]!

About our project Queer Tattoo: We invite a number of international guest artists to tattoo with us at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm, expose their art and participate in conversations about Queer Tattooing, art and the creation of safer and inspiring spaces. Our aim is to highlight tattooing as art form and give room for queer artists and interested to meet and express their thoughts on art and how we make tattoo/art contexts more inclusive, pleasurable, safe.
With support from Kulturrådet (the Art Council)
Availability at RFSL: Transportation Service can park right outside the entrance. There are two lifts in the entrance. The lifts are 90×210 cm. We have door openers at our entrance doors. We have tactile flooring. Loopset is available in the conference rooms. Spacious toilets are available, including changing tables.