After the Pride Parade, we will once again gather at the Kaivopuisto Park to the amazing Helsinki Pride Park Fest to enjoy great artists, the program and the Pride atmosphere!

The park consists of a Children’s area, Food village, Drinking terrace, Promotional area and a free water point.

The Park fest is free of charge and open for all.

In the Main stage we will hear amazing artists such as Betty Fvck, Santra & Piia, Mercedes Bentso, Catharina Zühlke and July Jones (UK). The culmination of the day will be performances from the magnificent Darude and Tuure Boelius! Also on the DJ stage, there will be best sets during the whole celebration.

The program will be updated and completed in the coming days. The main program is translated into sign language.

The use of disposable grills in the Helsinki Pride Park Fest is strictly forbidden due to the fire safety risk.