Queer gaming event for everyone who likes games. If you enjoy board games, card games, pen-and-paper RPGs, video games, larp, cosplay or just want to hang out with other queer nerds, this event is for you!

We will supply board game, some video games and make sure there are DMs at the ready. If you want to playa a specific game you are of course also welcome to bring your own games. If you're new to the game hobby, we will happily teach you rules and everthing you need to get started.

Drop in or out as needed during the evening. Around 21:15 we have "fika" (a coffee/tea and baked goods break), sold for 10 kr.

The events are open for everyone and free to attend. Our target audience is LBTQ-people of every gender and of all ages. Queer & Nerdy is held every other Friday at Sverok Stockholm in Kristineberg.

The event is hosted by the Sverok-organization QueerNördarna. See the facebook page for more info or use our homepage www.queerandnerdy.se.