Programme in English at Pride House
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16-17.30: "Talk: An Act of Gross Indecency"
A photographic series of personal stories "An Act of Gross Indecency" will be exhibited at Pride House 18th & 19th of July.
Homosexuality in The Gambia is illegal and the law states that anyone found committing "an act of gross indecency" with a person of the same sex, is breaking the law and the offence is punishable by up to 14 years imprisonment. Join this talk about the work and ethics concerning photographing such a sensible subjects as documenting the LGBTQI+ issues in Gambia as photographers and journalists.

Speakers: Photographer Sarah Buthmann. Photojournalist Nadia Horsted-Narejo. Activist and LGBT refugee Leila Les Ibraheem, and representative from LGBT Asylum Denmark.

16:00-21:00: "Fredagshäng: RainbowMuslims"
Meet @rainbowmuslims, Sara Chamsine and Ali Mohammed Sharif.