PRIDE HOUSE: Lectures, workshops, panels, discussions and talks are held at hotel Scandic Triangeln. Take part in discussions with a wide range of subjects. We hope your visit at Pride House inspires new thoughts and insights!

In English at Pride House
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17.30: Lecture: Turning companies into our allies
Companies can be great allies in the LGBTI activism. Promoting LGBTI diversity and inclusion at the workspace is a great way to promote human rights and to achieve better results. During the workshop, we will share the best practices in Spain: REDI, a business association that promote LGBTI diversity and inclusion at the workplace, and Lesworking, an international professional network for lesbian women.

Marta Fernández Herraiz is the founder of LesWorking, the first international professional network for lesbian women, with more than 1.500 women from Spain and Latinamerica. She is also member of the board of the European Lesbian* Conference and co-director of REDI, the first professional network to promote LGTBI diversity and inclusion at the workplace in Spain.

Kika Fumero and Marta F. Herraiz conducted a research in 2017 about lesbian women that had more than 5.000 participants in the Spanish version of the questionnaire and more than 1.500 participants in the French version. The conclusions were presented at several forums, such as Madrid World Pride 2017, the 1st European Lesbian* Conference in Viena and the European Parliament.

17.30: Lecture: A personal tale
A lecture about being a queer muslim man. In this personal tale, Elias Zakarias Sadaq shares the struggles with family, ethnicity, religion, identity and sexuality.